Au pair Germany Max Work - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

Au pair Germany Max Work - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

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Au pair Germany Max Work

Au-pair Germany is a cultural program, sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany. The program gives opportunity  youths to travel, get to know German culture, cuisine, everyday life, improve their German language skills and get friends. The program is for one year, but you can return sooner than planned, if you want.
Content of the program:
 Au-pair arrives to Germany, lives in a German family, adapts to the family, adapts to their daily life, learns about culture and cuisine, becomes a family member, visits to German courses for which the host family provides money (usually 50 euros per month).The host family gives accommodation, full board, medical insurance, bicycle and if applicant has driving license, the family gives a car to participant. Most of families provide a public transport ticket, pocket money  260 euros, and  more depending on host family. They also provides the participant with a separate room with its own furniture, a separate bathroom, possibly a separate kitchen, in some cases the families provide a separate apartment, and Au-pair does something for family, like as caring of children and some works by house. Usually Au-pair is busy 5-6 hours a day, no more than 30 hours a week and have two full days off per week, or one full day and one full day. -3 hours, this depends on your overall daytime work schedule, if you work 6 hours a day then you have 2 full days free.
Why the German families do this all for the Au-pair?
 These families are usually very rich, they are serious specialists, software developer, lawyer, doctor etc. or have their own business, and they pays huge taxes, so when they take place in this program, they register the applicant on their address, and shows all the document to their tax service  and during one year they give less taxes.

Responsibilities of the host family:
-Provide participant medical insurance
-Provide au-pair participants with pocket money starting from 260 Euro per month
-Provide the participant with 50 Euro for the language courses
-The participant  can spend his or her free time how he/she wants.
-Provide the participant with a separate room with its own furniture, a separate bathroom
-Provide paid vacation to the participant, 28 days for 1 year
-Provide the participant with an internal traffic ticket
-Accept the participant as a family member
The family also helps the applicant to buy air ticket to Germany, it must discuss au-pair with family in advance.
The Family sometimes provides the participant a mobile phone and sim.
All the conditions are fixed in the contract which would be made between  family, applicant and inviting German organization, this organization also signs this contract and put his stamp on it, it means the organization is responsible for au-pair and also for family.
-The Au-pair applicant must be not older than 27 and not younger than 18 years old
-Must have German A1 level language skills(We organize language courses)
-Whishness to know new culture
-Willingness to help a family

One day in the host family
Example one: You get up in the morning, and help children get up, help children to wash, clean teeth,
etc, after what you make breakfast for you and the children, the you clean your room and room of children, if need, after that you take children to school or garden(3-4 hours). Than you are free,you can visit German courses, or do what you want. After some hours you will meet the children from school or garden and take them to swimming or sport and than back to home.When you are at home, you stay with them, or help the host mother with some house works(2-3 hours) and after this you are again free to spend your own time, how you want.
Example second:
You have not to get up in the morning, because the host mother is also at home, the children are younger, about 1 and 3 years old, and the participant helps mother with one child, while the mother is with another one. Or mother asked au-pair to help her, and diner, or the au-pair can stay with children, and the host mother make the dinner, this is discussed with mother. Anyway au-pair is busy 5-6 hours, it can be staying with children or helping mother.
With these examples we introduce applicant how can be an au-pair day, but with every family it is very individual, in one family au-pair maybe can be busy 2-3 hours, and in one family au-pair maybe have not to do any house works, because the family doesn't want that. These all, the applicant will know, when he/she will choose the family, about what we will speak in the following pages. It is important that  the au-pair and the family understand, that this isn’t work, or only help of family member.

Program Security:
Families are pre-selected by our partner organization, which is a member of Au-pair Society, RAL, IAPA international organizations. Mentioned organizations gives license to our partner to do the au-pair program. The agents of our partner check everything about family, their non criminal records, their social and finance records, au-pair room norms etc. and when everything is matching to their conditions, they involve the family in program.
When our partners choose one family as host family, they send us the information about family which we forward to our participant, if participant also choose the family, we start to organize their video call, if not, we continue searching family. After video call, when the au-pair discuss everything with the family, they inform us about it, and we inform to our partner. Our partner prepare all the documents of the family and send it to us, we put it with other papers which are need for embassy, and you apply for visa. When you applied for visa, the Embassy is the first state structure which checks all the documents of the family, then they send it to Germany to second state structure, which is called Auslanderbehorde (Immigration center) and after that the third state structure which is called Bundesagentur fur Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency) after all these procedures the embassy gives you visa to arrive the host family as au-pair, in visa is written the family address and other dates. During doing the program we and our partner are always  in contact with au-pair. Au-pair also can change the family at least 3 times, if something goes wrong with family. There is also free hot line 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222 where au-pair can call for any problem, and beside of these all if the au-pair is very worry about the security of his/her person can register in local police station, but no one did so, because there wasn't any need.

Family choosing.
As we talked above, you have already known the main process of choosing the family, now about that, what we do in this process. We have strong consult service where we give applicants information about how to choose the family, which is more important, how make interview with family, about what to talk to them, how understand if the family invite you as family member or as house worker. Our mission is to choose such family for our applicant that the au-pair feels very happy in the family. Unfortunately depending on work of some bad au-pair agencies or some individuals who found a family herself, there is a falsh impression that this program is nanny job or housing job, but it isn't so, the program's main aim is cultural. For many years of  work we have made different connections and we also have Armenian families and families, where is doing au-pair year our participant and she ends the program and new applicant arrives the same family to exchange her.

Main advantages of the program:
1. Schengen visa, au-pairs can travel in any European Schengen country (all our au-pairs travels to neighboring countries, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, etc., tickets are very cheap, au-pairs can also travel on weekends).
2. Applicants have au-pair card which gives opportunity to visit  museums, different cultural centers.
3. The opportunity to attend German classes
4. Free accommodation, food, medical insurance, transportation
5. Monthly pocket money
6. Studying in German universities is free of charge, you need only pass German language exam B2 or C1 depending of university and faculty, some students learn German in Armenia and hope to apply university directly from Armenia, it takes too much time. Our students, learn A1 in Armenia and after, arriving in Germany during doing the program they improve the language skills, of course living in German family, visiting German courses applicants use this one year more productive and after one year they have enough language skills to apply for university, meanwhile other students in Armenia continue to learn German or maybe stops because of too long process.
How to start the process:
You should discuss all conditions with your parents and with anyone who can change your decision, after you receive all positive answers you arrive our main office to make the contract, in contract is all our responsibilities which we have, contract dates, etc. you also makes first payment. After 7-10 days starts your German A1 courses, it can take 3 months, and then you pass the exam and after 10 days get certificate, after what you can apply for visa, visa process also takes 5-10 days and you can arrive to Germany.
German courses
Choosing the family
German exam
These all processes aren't connected with each other, you can visit courses but pass the exam when you want, or you can pass the exam but apply for visa when you want, or you can pass the exam, get visa but arrive in Germany when you want etc.

What we offer:
1. We organize unlimited A1 German language courses for the participants, until the participant will have A1 German language skills, sometimes even more, and then they pass the exam with the same procedures as in Goethe institute, so they certainly pass the exam, our students always pass this exam.
2. We give you complete information about other programs in Germany, educational, working.
3. We provide information about educational system in Germany
4. We offer the best options of families
5. We offer a wide choice of families, you can choose as many as you like
6. There is a chance to find a family in a particular city
7. There is an opportunity to travel to a family where our previous participant was and was pleased
8. We can find a family in the same city for two or more participants(sisters, friends)
9. Social platform with the participation of all of our applicants who have been in Germany since 2013, in the form of a Facebook group, there participants share their experiences, help new arrivals, share information, organize meetings, make friends, travel.
10. The opportunity to talk to our participants who are doing the program now
11. Get to know our participants in your future city
12. After arriving in Germany, everyday contact with participants, information support in any problem
13. Access to our other programs with a discount system
14. Participation in seminars organized by us to inform participants about the expected changes in Germany, ways to adapt to them, the general mentality and thinking of Germans, the main mistakes that participants make after arriving, the ways to adapt quickly to family and country.

Program participation fee 150.000 AMD (can also be paid in part)
For those who already speak German the fee is 125.000 AMD
Paid upon contract signing

Other fees that must do the participant
The Embassy fee is 75 Euro (41.000 AMD) the participant must pay directly in embassy on the day when she will apply for visa
Examination fee of 105 Euro (57.000 AMD) the participant will pay on the day of registration for exam on Goethe-Institut banking account.
The above two fees have nothing to do with our organization and the participant have not to pay us.
Air ticket to Germany (if the family does not buy the ticket) starting from 70-250 euros (40.000-135.000 AMD)

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