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Jobs in Czech Republic Max Work Armenia

Work in Czech Republic

We have two versions of job offers in the Czech Republic:
Long-term work visa of up to 2 years, legal registration and employment and a short term, 3 months work visa, legal registration and employment.

1) A long-term 2-year work visa is offered on the following terms.
There are job offers for both male and female.
Work for female  in Hilton, Holiday Inn, Corinthia, Ambassador, Old Town hotels in  Czech Republic.
The city: Prague
Working hours: 8-12 h.
Medical insurance is provided by employer
Accommodation and food must pay the participant, but the employer helps to find the cheap one.
The salary: $ 5 an hour (up to $ 1500 per month)
The knowledge of languages: Russian
Duration of the contract - 2 years work visa.
Upon departure, the participant is free to find and move on to more convenient conditions.
Age: 20-55
Sex: male, female
Content of the work: Hotel staff, room service, kitchen, reception and more are required.
Cost of participation: 3500 Euro,
 Payment procedure: partial. The applicant pays  1000 Euro at the time of registration, then  1000 Euro after getting the visa, and 1500 Euro  within 1-3 months after arriving in Prague and receiving the salary.
You need to pay 5000 AMD to register for the program.
The duration of the visa process is 1-5 months.
The same conditions are also for men,
Fields of jobs are:
Iight construction, plasterboard, hanging ceilings, floor work, packing in warehouses, light physical work in hotels.

2)Short-term work visa for 3 months
The jobs are mainly  for women
Fields of work are: hotel cleaning, room cleaning, cleaning in the stores, cook, cook's assistant (demand of cook and cook's assistant is great, so we need to check if there are vacancies in advance),  dishwashing in restaurant.
Working hours: 12h.
Salary: $ 700 per month
The accommodation is provided by the employer
For the food is must pay the participant
Fees: Program Participation Fee 100 Euro is payable upon registration
Other expenses: incurred by the participant

Embassy fee
Visa registration fee
Non criminal record

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