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Jobs in Poland
As poles go abroad to Germany, France,  to work, in Poland new job vacancies has been created, for which Poland needs new workers. And they invite workers from Ukraine, Georgia and now also from Armenia.
The work is mainly for men.
City: Svidnica (Svidnitsa)

(BMW, VOLVO, OPEL) iron and steel parts factory
Manufacture of refrigeration cooling systems
Vehicle Steering System Parts (for Kia cars) Weight up to 4 kg.
Electrolux household appliance manufacturing
Production of pillows, mattresses, linen for IKEA stores
Production of stainless metal parts
Furniture manufacture for furniture stores Jusk
Refrigerator production, assembly
Production of steering components for Kia vehicles
French company Legrand, production of plastic boxes, sockets, switches
Making a car cooling system
Making a car interior with refreshing aromas, packaging
Italian factory for the production of boxes for dishwashers Samsung, LG, Zanussi
Europe's largest metal parts factory supplying spare parts for engineering companies Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche
Plant for the production of spare parts for trucks, mainly brake systems, auto parts up to 4 kg. weight.

Working hours: 12 hours a day or fixed monthly 168 hours, (depending on the choice of work)
Working days 6 days a week
Salary: 11-13 zlotys ($ 3-3.5 $)for hour or a fixed 1840 zlotys per month (depending on the choice of work)
Accommodation is provided by the employer, for some jobs, it can be so that the cost of living will be paid by the participant, again depends on the choice of work ..
The age limit:  20-55 years.
Meals are paid by the participant.
The working cloths is provided by the employer, for some works, the work form is paid by the participant depending on the choice of work.
The employer provides: a 6-month visa, legal work permit

Knowledge of Russian language
Sense of responsibility
Willingness to work

Program participation fee: prepayment of 10,000 drams and 200 euros in drams.
Other expenses:

Embassy fee
Registration fee for applying for a visa package
Noncriminal record certificate
Air ticket

Registration process:
The participant submits an application for participation in the program, makes the payment of 10,000 drams, provides the noncriminal record and a copy of the passport. After that, we make the full profile of the participant  and send it to our partners who sends us job offers that we resend to the participant, the participant has the opportunity to choose. If the work is approved, the participant pays the equivalent of the remaining 200 euros in drams, our partners send the necessary package of documents for the embassy the participant applies to embassy for visa. In case of refusal to issue a visa, we return  participant the equivalent of 200 euros in drams.

Rooms where the participants will live
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