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Work and Study Canada - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

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Work and Study Canada

Explore new continent, improve your knowledge of English, obtain a work experience in one of the most advanced countries and earn 920- 1840 CAD monthly. These are all the advantages that " Work and Study Canada "program can give you.
Canada- destination that arises great interest among the youth. There are lots of striking articles and reviews worth of attention about it, and seminars devoted to it form a large audience. This is not surprising because except all of this Canada is considered to be the best place to live in the world. It opens up possibilities for students overseas.

Study and work in Canada
It’s not difficult to guess from the title that the project consists of two fundamental parts: work and study. Tuition is made in one of the colleges of Canada and includes both language courses and vocational education. Language courses give you a chance to be adapted to English speaking environment as soon as possible on the other hand the vocational education allows you to obtain international diploma, and become competitive in international labor market.
Each applicant of the program receives work permit in Canada. The premier circumstance that will put a student in a favourable position is that student decides where and how many hours he will work on his own as the project do not impose any limitations on him/her. The most attractive feature of the program is the salary. Student earns at least 11.5 CAD/hour that is starting from 1800CAD in case of 8 hour work per day.

"Work and Study" program is unique of its kind. Because of its availability it meets lots of expectations and demands and is the first step for fulfilling many goals. Do you want to study English and improve you linguistic skills? The language study part of the project will help you in this . Do you want to enter university abroad but don't know which country and university to choose? The continuity of the program allows the students to be accustomed to the Canada's lifestyle, and if they like it they can attend different universities personally, be acquainted with the admission requirements and choose the most convenient variant for them.

If you like to travel and are eager to gain a work experience than this program is for you. Whatever goal you set you'll reach it spending minimal expenses because earning 11.5CAD per hour allows you to return the expenses made for the project easily.

Education in Canada
It has been already many years that Canada is one of the world  leading countries with providing high quality education and if it yields reputation to  Great Britain and USA it is attractive with its price of the program compared to its competitors. That's why though the high price of the project you will undoubtedly improve your linguistic skills and obtain high quality vocational education which will be certified by the international diploma. Specializations like staff management, international marketing, international sale will be available for you. Though the eagerness of quality education it will not take lots of time from you.  Classes finish in the afternoon and the rest of the day you can spend at your discretion like spending your time on leisure, amusements or work.
The other constituent part of "Work and Study" program is the education which is only the first step for fulfilling your goal. Because of the innovations in Canadian immigration services after the completion of the project each candidate can lengthen his/her legal stay in Canada which is possible to do in several ways. The mostly used one known about by many people  is the continuation of your studies in the state accredited university of Canada as a result of which you will gain local passport and work permit.  
We'll not be tired of repeating that Canada is one of the most developed and perspective countries. The level of crime is minimal. The population is remarkable for its high level of education. Citizens get efficient free medical service, they are highly paid and prefer to go to work by bike.  You can see and feel all of this by becoming an applicant for "Work and Study"  Canada. A testing will be held in educational institution the first day and the English language proficiency will be decided after which the students are devided into  groups and afterwards they have a familiarity tour through Toronto or Montreal. For the first 4 weeks students study and practice English afterwards they pass to the vocational studies. Classes last 15 hours per week or 3 hours per day.

Your job

Toronto, Montreal- a big city, a famous tourist destination. There is no lack of workplace here. Each applicant of the program will find a job easily to their taste. They can fully rely on hotel and restaurant business. The minimum salary in Canada is 11,5 CAD per hour. Students will gain a work permit immediately in 4 weeks after the start of their tuition but they should find a job from the first day.
On holidays when the students are free they can travel. The Niagara waterfall is not far from Toronto and it takes 600 km to reach New York from Toronto.

How to apply
The procedure consists of several phases
-Fill out the application form
-Pay the registration fee 150.000 AMD and sign an agreement. This money is non-refundable as includes the following: invitation, translation of the documents, filling out the visa inventory, your passport delivery to embassy and vice versa via DHL.
-Pass the entry test IELTS 5.0-6.5 ot TOEFL 46-93
-Have a skype interview with the college representative
-The applicant pays for embassy entry 100 CAD separately, which is not included in the total cost.
-Pay 5000 -55.000 CAD to college for study
-Buy the air ticket

For each participant we prepare an individual package of documents. Documents will be translated into English by an accredited translator. Payment for the program is made in rubles according to the rates defined by at the moment plus 3% for transfer. Participants have to pass a medical survey in a clinic accredited by Canadian embassy.

Key facts

Age 18-26
Duration from 3 Months to 3 Years, depends on which faculty You will choose
English language proficiency upper - intermediate and high
Price 5000-55.000 CAD depends on which faculty You will choose.
There are variety of faculty so You can choose what You want.
You can earn 11000 - 22000 CAD a year.
To apply for the embassy the participant has to have a bank account of 7000$ which he can withdraw after receiving visa. This account is necessary only for receiving the visa.
Students can start working from the first day of studying.

Other fees
Admission fee 50 CAD
Integration fee 150 CAD
Registration fee 200 CAD
Student activities 30 CAD
Didactic fees 50 CAD
Medical Insurance 355 CAD
I.D Card 20 CAD

Let us remind that students start to work only after the language courses.
Within the framework of th program participants can live in a host family with Half Board solution. The price will be approximately 190 CAD per week. After 3 or 4 week stay student can change his/her accommodation and rent a shared apartment with his/her friends the cost of which will be less.

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