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Work & Travel USA Max Work Armenia - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

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Work & Travel USA Max Work Armenia

Maybe you have heard of Work and Study USA program many times from your friends and relatives and it's not surprising because it is the most acknowledged program of the last decade. It enables you to spend your holidays in the USA, on the beach of ocean, work with Americans and students like you side by side, earn money, improve language skills, have an unforgettable journey and feel the real freedom.
USA- country that does not need presentation, which can be a center of contradictory reviews. It's an undeniable fact that the USA is one of the most developed countries nowadays, world finance and film making centre and always remains in the centre of attention of different age and target groups.

Because of the territorial greatness, divergency of climate zones it is an interesting object for everyone with its multicultural supercities, lots of amusement parks, trade centers and many other attractions which don't need enumeration.
Work and Study USA enables you not only to see all of this with minimal expenses but to enjoy them just at the spot as well. Every year tens of thousands of students make use of this program and leave for the USA.
Unfortunately, not all the students perceive the essence of this program. In the late 50s of last century the US state department carried out a program which enabled all the students of the world to be acquainted with US culture and vice versa to make aware of other cultures the students of own country. The program is fulfilled under the auspices of US department and till now the principal aim of the program is considered to be international cultural exchange. Within the frameworks of the program implementation of exceptionally legal work makes one part of cultural exchange.
Why work and what aim to pursue? Each participant decides himself/herself. Some partake in program for vocational or intercultural experience, improvement of linguistic skills as a result of interaction with foreigners. Others want to accumulate money and spend for amusements, trips. Fortunately , fulfillment of each of these variants becomes possible within the frameworks of Work and Study USA program.

Minimum wage makes 7,25 $/per hour. On average students earn 8$ - 12$ /per hour. Minimum working hours per week are 32 and for maximum there is no limitation. Scilicet, whatever aim you pursue you can regulate your income on your own which is the major advantage of the program.

To know precisely the extent of your income, learn to regulate your expenses and make the first step to become independent financially.
There’s no need to acknowledge this program only as means of earning money. You are going to stay in the USA a whole summer which means that you can take avail of lots of advantages. And we are not talking about trivia as free internet access at every corner or a friendly attitude from people but the fact that you yourself create your independent life.
Participants can pass weekend with friends ,visit thematic parks, coastal part of ocean why not adjacent city or state. Upon completion of the program students can arrange a megatour through the whole USA.
Students can rent a car and travel with friends deciding where to stop , overnnight , eat or book a special package not worrying about itinerary. Whatever variant you choose you'll see the major sights : Great Canyon, Hollywood with the valley of stars, Niagara waterfall, New York with the statue of liberty etcetera.
As we have already mentioned Work and Study USA program opens up possibilities for students and the essence of it always remains invariable that is work and travel.

Advantages of the program

  • Focus on the quality side of the program rather than the quantity of students . Only those students who correspond to the requirements presented by US department and Embassy can partake in the program.
  • English language improvement only in several months. Participants will take an interview to decide the English language proficiency and in case of not satisfactory result students will be offered English language courses for partaking in Work and Study USA program.
  • Secure and effective job in the USA. Participants receive work permit visa after skype interview with employer. All employers are accredited by the sponsor organization and are incurred regular extra check ups by US state department
Visa acquisition is the pledge of our success. Trainings will be held with participants regularly to maximize the possibilities of visa acquisition.

Key facts about program

  • Age 18 -24
  • 1, 2, 3 year full time students with the English language knowledge - intermediate
  • Durattion of the program 15May -15 September
  • Price 1750 $, which includes work placement, invitation letter and program fee
  • You can apply year round

Other costs:

-Embassy fee
-Money for the first month in USA
-Non criminal record
You can online register HERE
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