Work in France Max Work Armenia - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

Work in France Max Work Armenia - Max Work,Au-pair Armenia,Au-pair Germany, Au-pair Agency, work and study Germany, Work and travel USA,au pair Hayastan,work in germany,study in Germany

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Work in France Max Work Armenia

As a student, the "Job Placement" program allows you to work on a paid job in France during your university holidays for a period of between 2 and 3 months employment.
The CEI will submit your application to many employers and provide you, once you will be hired the necessary documents for your visa application.
The price for the programme is 1500 Euro.

  • Be over 18 years old up to 26
  • Be a full time higher education student and be traveling during university holidays
  • Coming to France for at least 2 months
  • Have a first work experience in services
  • Have at least an  intermediate  level in French

Job Placement program includes:

Telephone interview before the student will be accepted for the program
Placement in a French company for 2 to 3 months
The process of applying for temporary work permit, named APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail)
The CEI will send all necessary papers in home country in order to apply for the visa
Orientation meeting in our Paris office upon arrival
Liability/housing insurance
Opening of a bank account at our Bank partner office
support all through the stay
To register:
You choose your travel dates but think to arrive in France preferably on a Sunday
To be available, application must be received as early as possible and at least 3 months before arrival and must include:

  • All pages of terms and conditions of sale signed
  • The application form typed and signed
  • A resume in French under a word format, with a smiling ID photo specifically detailing all the tasks that have been assigned to your workplace
  • A letter, addressed to future employers, written in French and personalized. You must detail the various skills acquired during your previous work experience.
  • A letter addressed to the CEI in French, explaining your motivation to participate in this program in France, as well as any personal information you think useful to let us know.
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • A photocopy of the student card (year of studies must be clearly readable)
  • A translation in French of the student card
  • A photocopy of the student card.
  • A full length photo
  • A copy of your birth certificate translated into French by a recognised translator
  • The copy of the insurance covering illness and repatriation up to 30 00 €.

Workplaces are:
Sales, holidays resorts, Food catering, shops, animation, department stores, housekeeping
Salary and schedule of work:
According to different positions, you will work between 30 and 39 hours a week. Occasional extra work may arise. Overtime is usually compensated (sometimes paid)
The minimum wage in France it at 9.61 Euro per hour (gross salary). Each month taxes are deducted from the gross salary for around 23% of the brut salary.
Calculation of salary
9.61 Euro X number of hours worked per month = GROSS salary
Gross salary - about 23% of gross = NET salary
NET salary is the salary that will be paid to you by your employer.
You have 2 choices:
You look for accommodation by yourself
You ask the  to look for accommodation for you
confirm your choice by completing and signing the housing section on the registration form.
1/ You decide to look by yourself for a housing. We suggest you begin to look for one as soon as you have the hiring confirmation.
In all cases, you must have somewhere to live at least for your first week, but preferably for your entire stay. Be vigilant about the distances and transport and do not hesitate to consult the us in case of doubt. Pay attention to the transport at night if you work late. Employers can not under any circumstances adjust working hours to suit your home.
If you are working outside Paris, you have to spend the first night in Paris (possibly the first two, depending on your arrival time). The easiest way is to book a room in a youth hostel. We can provide addresses. You will reach your workplace the next day or two.
2/ You apply for the housing service
The housing service is to be taken at the time of registration and is non-refundable. Once your job will be confirmed, we will reserve an accessible hosting from your workplace in a student residence. We can offer you accommodation only in a student residence in a shared room. Monthly rents are between 450 Euro and 600 Euro per month.
We will send you a presentation of the residence to be returned signed up for approval.
If you subscribe to the housing service, we will look primarily for an employer who provides housing. Rents in these cases are cheaper. If the employer provides accommodation, conditions will be provided with your job offer. In this case, the rent is deducted directly from wages. Note that no employer in Paris and suburbs provides housing.
By applying to the housing service, you agree to accept housing proposed by us and to stay in the residence for all the duration of your stay in France and to comply with the regulations.
The price of the housing service is at 140 Euro, non-refundable.
A guarantee deposit of 300 Euro has to be paid at the first time of your application and will be given back after departure, except in case of damages or early leaving. If the deposit asked by the landlord is higher than 300 Euro, the will send a new deposit invoice which has to be paid before arrival.
If you work outside Paris, you must spend the 1st night (possibly the first two, depending on your arrival time) in Paris, in a youth hostel, booked and paid by the organization.
Important information: Whatever the housing you’ll stay in, you must pay to enter the housing the first monthly rent + the guarantee deposit. The deposit may be equivalent to one month rent. It means that for a monthly rent at 400 Euro, you may have to pay 800 Euro to enter the housing. If you do not have enough money, you won't enter the housing. Some residences require payment of the entire stay before entering the house.The deposit is given back upon departure except in case of damages or early leaving. The amount of any repairs is deducted from the deposit.
To make your stay successful, you must prepare your trip with much care.
You must have enough funds for living expenses and housing before you get your first salary. Salaries are paid at the end of the month. Neither the organization, nor your employer can lend you any money.
You may think of having around 200 Euro per week as an average for food, local transport and entertainment.
Rent housing varies between de 450 Euro and 600 Euro per month and landlords ask for a 1 month deposit. Don't forget costs of transport for the students who go working outside Paris.
Financial problems can have real repercussions on your work and cause you to lose your job.
You must have at least 1500 Euro with you upon arrival to stay out of trouble.
Cancellation of the housing service
The housing service is not refundable
The deposit will be refund
- In case of visa refusal
- Cancelled more than 2 weeks before arrival
but depends on the rules of each residence.
Transfer to country towns:
If you are going to work outside Paris, you reach your workplace after the information meeting. We'll define with your employer, the date and time of your trip and we will provide this information prior to your arrival. Whenever possible, please buy your ticket online before you leave home.Your employer will pick you up at the train station

The Job: between 2 and 3 months, 30 hours a week minimum, everywhere in France
Types of positions
- Waiters
- Sellers
- Dishwasher
-Room Service

You can online register HERE
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